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My name is Analita Mulligan, and I am a native, English-speaking teacher in New Jersey, USA, certified in Teaching both English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and English writing and literature, (English Language Arts--ELA), for native speakers. I have been teaching English subjects for 20 years, including their test preparation, throughout the USA, Asia, South America, and most recently in Europe.


During my teaching career, I have worked with students of all ages, of different English levels, and with quite a few nationalities. For example in Kitakami City, Japan, I taught from kindergartners to senior level executives at the Toshiba headquarters there. In Bogota, Colombia, I taught English writing and literature at an international, bilingual, International Baccalaureate (IB) school, before working with business professionals from diverse industries throughout this city.


And in New Jersey, I worked with gifted and talented American students at a public, magnet high school called Dr. Ronald McNair Academic High School, which has been consistently ranked as one of the top 5 schools in the entire state since its founding in 1976. In 2008, it received the National Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence from the United States Department of Education, the highest award an American school can receive.


All English services provided by ESL and English Writing and Literature Services, LLC., are fully customized, meaning that all instruction and materials used are tailored to the unique, learning needs and objectives of either each individual or learning group. In addition, it is an area service that provides in-person courses throughout Hudson County in New Jersey and in Manhattan, NYC, and online classes to anywhere. For example, it has provided classes to students located in Shanghai and Beijing, China; Lebanon; Massachusetts; California; Chicago; Pennsylvania; and Germany.


Furthermore, I am a member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), based in Faversham, Kent, England; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) International, based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA; and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), based in Urbana, Illinois, USA.

I provide fully customized courses in:



ESL and English Writing and Literature Services, LLC., uses the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach because it emphasizes interaction as both the means and the goal of studying, along with Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT), which is about learning to use the type of English that is necessary for daily life whether it be for personal, academic, or professional purposes - both spoken and written.


When teaching speaking to both ESL/EFL students and native speakers, I work with my students on their diction: pronunciation, articulation, enunciation, intonation, grammatical accuracy, and vocabulary development.


When teaching writing, I focus on grammatical accuracy, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, syntax, and on the usage of the appropriate tones for whom the work is being addressed.


When teaching reading to my students, I do decoding and comprehension exercises and activities to ensure that they understand what they have read and included in the discussions is the help students need to understand that what they read is important and relevant to them.


After reading each piece of various kinds of literature, students should be able to comment and provide clear opinions, in addition to being able to write in cohesive, cogent, and compelling ways about them. I also provide interactive, listening activities and exercises to develop students' listening capabilities through a broad variety of audio materials.


All educational services come with a free, 30-minute, consultative session to address your questions and discuss your unique, learning needs and objectives. For more information about any of my educational services or to book your consultation, please contact me at ESL and English Writing and Literature Services, LLC., today!


The Company’s History


After many years of teaching and monitoring different educational systems around the world, ESL and English Writing and Literature Services, LLC., was formed in the fall of 2018, in an attempt to bridge the existing gap between theory and practice that is necessary to raise the level of language proficiency. Indeed, a report published by the Harvard Business

Review in 2017 illustrates that the overall proficiency of English is substantially lower than what we would expect, and this includes countries who have typically categorized themselves as being “advanced.”


Here at ESL and English Writing and Literature Services, we believe that teachers must find ways to help our students learn how to utilize English for real life, i.e., for all of the varied, spontaneous situations they will inevitably encounter. No matter how well a script maybe written, this can and never will be a substitute for learning how to navigate in *real*, English speaking environments.


Your objective is our mission!!!


The service delivery is two-fold and are fully-customized. We work with both native and non-native speakers. In-person classes take place in specific areas of Hudson County, New Jersey: Hoboken; Jersey City; and Bayonne; and in Manhattan, New York City. The teachers meet you at your desired location, five miles from the company’s headquarters in Jersey

City, New Jersey. And our online classes are provided anywhere throughout the USA and internationally. A few locations where we have taught classes have been in New Jersey; New York City; Illinois; Massachusetts; Pennsylvania; California; and, internationally, Lebanon; Shanghai; and Germany.





Speech Making and Verbal Presentation Classes


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ESL Classes


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Writing Classes


For those who need to work on their writing skills, I offer writing classes for native, English speakers from 13 years old and all levels, helping them with all forms...


Reading Classes


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