Speech Making and Verbal Presentation Classes


Do you find yourself panicking as you think about delivering that speech or presentation for school or work?


Well, know that you’re not alone!!! According to recently published research from sources like https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/smashing-the-brainblocks/201711/why-are-we-scared-public-speaking and https://www.psycom.net/?s=public+speaking, approximately 75% of Americans also feel this way!


You don’t have to face your angst alone! Conquer your debilitating anxiety through a specific method of learning called deliberate practice. Our team analyzes, discusses, and designs the classes for you to get the rehearsal time needed to overcome whatever is holding you back from reaching your audience when you give that talk.


 Along with gaining more confidence, you will learn how to be understood through pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, and the most effectual phrases to add power to your messages. All of these are crucial in helping you connect with your listeners. Contact us for a complimentary consultation



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