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The Company’s History

After many years of teaching and monitoring different educational systems around the world, ESL and English Writing and Literature Services, LLC, was formed in the fall of 2018 in an attempt to bridge the existing gap between theory and practice that is necessary to raise the level of language proficiency. Indeed, a report published by the Harvard Business Review in 2017 illustrates that the overall proficiency of English is substantially lower than what we would expect, and this includes countries that have typically categorized themselves as being advanced.

If interested, you can access this report from their page under the video link entitled: How Non-English Speaking Countries Stack Up On English Proficiency.

Here at ESL and English Writing and Literature Services, we believe that teachers must find ways to help our students learn to utilize English for real life, i.e., for all of the varied, spontaneous situations they will inevitably encounter. No matter how well a script may be written, this can and never will be a substitute for learning to navigate in real, English-speaking environments.

Your Objective Is Our Mission!!!

The service delivery is two-fold and fully customized. We work with both native and non-native speakers. In-person classes take place in specific areas of Hudson County, New Jersey: Hoboken; Jersey City; and Bayonne; and in Manhattan, New York City. The teachers meet you at your desired location, five miles from the company’s headquarters in Jersey City, New Jersey. And our online classes are provided anywhere throughout the USA and internationally. A few locations where we have taught classes have been in New Jersey; New York City; Illinois; Massachusetts; Pennsylvania; California; and, internationally, Lebanon; Shanghai; and Germany.

Why Is English So Important?

  • English is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese Mandarin, and more people speak English than those who speak French and Arabic combined.

  • An English speaker is offered the biggest vocabulary of any language with a choice of 500,000 to 1,000,000 words (including technical and scientific terms).

  • English is the language of Hollywood films and the most listened-to music in the world.

  • Spoken English is used in the best careers, including business, science, technology, banking, computing, medicine, aviation, UN & NATO armed forces, engineering, and tourism.

  • English is used in the best universities and is increasingly being used at job interviews.

  • So like it or not, English is a very important language to learn.

Source: The Star (One of the world´s most widely-read English-language daily and Sunday newspapers).

  • Learning English will make your travels more enjoyable.

  • You will gain access to some of the world’s most popular authors, like William Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, Paulo Coelho, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Dickens.

  • Studying English breaks down barriers making communication between different people easier, and also gives insights into other cultures.

  • Established research shows that those who study another language are more critical thinking and that there is a lower percentage of mental health diseases like dementia.

  • You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.

  • (Czech proverb) "Kolik jazyk? znáš, tolikrát jsi ?lov?kem."
Speech Making and Verbal Presentation Classes

Speech Making and Verbal Presentation Classes

Do you find yourself panicking as you think about delivering that speech or presentation for school or work?

Test Preparation Classes

Test Preparation Classes

Don’t wait to get the desired score for entry into an academic program or to move to the country of your dreams.

EFL/ESL Classes

EFL/ESL Classes

We engage in many hot topics that you’re sure to find stimulating and relevant to our contemporary society. They also simultaneously elicit fluency.

Writing Classes

Writing Classes

There’s no longer a need to feel intimidated when you try to put pen to paper! Learn with us how to produce written work that is achievable, manageable, and, in the end, something that you, too, can be proud of!!!

Reading Classes

Reading Classes

Do the words from a newspaper, a magazine, or a book seem like one jumbled mess that you usually have difficulty making sense of?

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