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About Us

We are a team comprised of highly dedicated practitioners with many years of experience, which ranges from working with children to adults, and we are also actively involved in organizations that promote and reflect our core educational ideals.

The chosen teaching approach, rather than a fixed methodology, is called the Communicative Language Teaching Approach (CLT) that embodies real-life communication, whether it be for academic or professional contexts, since we believe this to be the most useful form of language learning:

What Can You Expect From Our Classes?

You will participate in role-plays that reflect your real-life experiences. An example is that on any given day, you may be transported to a doctor’s office as a patient needing to ask medical questions; order take-out over the telephone or in person; request directions from someone on the street; and practice how to ask and answer questions when you learn how to strike up a casual conversation or make small talk with a stranger. These varied scenarios are mostly structured. You will be made to feel safe while your confidence grows, gently guided to develop the language skills needed to cope with each situation. When working with you to develop your speaking, we focus on fluency, an aspect of diction, and if the focus is on your writing, it is on mechanics and syntax.

ESL and English Writing and
Literature Services, LLC.

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