Rosie Phuwany
Amira Mohamed
this place is really helpful I learned a lot from this place
I found Ms. Analita online after doing extensive research for my son who needs help with English comprehension /English composition. Her analysis of what was needed, and her methods of correction were direct and focused to achieving the most positive results. I would highly recommend Ms. Analita for any tutoring needs. She is passionate and has a sincere drive for her profession, while seeking the very best interest and results for each of her students. Thank you Analita!
Ali Ernalbant
We had a very efficient and beneficial summer tutoring with Analita. She has extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of English. We mostly worked on writing essays. My kid not only showed a remarkable knowledge, experience and progress during this period but also got information around grammar and punctuation. We thank Analita very much for her professional and sincere help and valuable contribution.
Luis L.
I took English classes with Analita Mulligan during the summer. She is an excellent and experienced teacher. Her teaching ability is very effective and it helps me a lot with my preparation for the TOEFL test. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their English skills.
Elisa Loria Rico
I really like study english them. I improved my english more than ever in my life with teachers and the internet program. Also the classes with Analita were interesting: the topics, the tongue twisters, the conversations... everything was helpful
Camila Pupe
I had an enjoyable and efficient English course with Ms. Analita. She is a very enthusiastic teacher and I expirienced a really great improvment in my English level, which helped me a lot with my daily routine after moving from Brazil to NJ.
Marina Kolody
Analita is a professional and very knowledgeable English teacher. She has the depth of experience to evaluate and develop an appropriate work plan. She is kind and funny, which makes me love to study and helps me stick with the program. I unexpectedly had to travel for 2 weeks and Analita was kind and understanding; we rescheduled the continuation of our lessons for a more convenient time after my return. We’ve been working together now for 4 months, meeting twice a week by Skype. Analita understands my needs and is very responsive and specific in directly addressing them. I have definitely noticed a drastic improvement in my pronunciation and vocabulary. People have finally started to understand what I am actually saying, which has brought with it renewed confidence in myself, and the tangible improvement is obviously rewarding and fulfilling. I plan to continue to study with Analita now our first course is drawing to a close. I would definitely highly recommend Analita as a great teacher.
Hana Mouhtadi
Analita is a fabulous teacher, putting all her heart into growing her students, leveraging the right pedagogy with a bespoke approach. Her kindness and patience help create a very nice environment and make the learning process more enjoyable. Thank you Analita!
shasha liu
My daughter is a 6th grader. Currently has online class with Analita. She gives my daughter an essay as HW each week and will edited and reviewed during the next class. I can see my daughter's improvment and my daughter loves Analita's class. Analita is a very responsible teacher. I am so lucky to have Analita as my daughter's writing tutor. I will give 10 stars if it has.
Mahendran Raghavan
Ms.Analita have demonstrated a clear understanding of ESL needs of our kid both by her logical & methodical approch, and have helped our son in meeting and improving his ESL capabilities in line with his grade. Once she clearly analyzes and infers the areas of improvement and refinement for each of her students, she designs a systematic and a customized approach to improve their language abilities with a pinpoint precision, and with respect to the specific needs of each of her students. As she implements her focused tutoring and customized English exercising approach, she monitors and measures the progress made, and gives session by session incremental (and straight forward) feedbacks, along with her action items and pragmatic approach for upcoming classes. We are lucky enough to get such an experienced specialist and a proven professional, who can cater brilliantly to the specific language needs and challenges of each of her students.Thank You Analita !
My neme is ByeolnimKim. I have been taking Analita's classes few months now. I wanted to improve my English reading skill mainly and other skills as well. Since I am from Korea, I used to read and speak 'Korean style' which made me to misunderstand the sentences and speak awkward way. I am still in the learning process to reach my goal which is get in to the nursing program in the US. Analita is a very knowledgeable teacher, and I can see that she try to create her own curriculum only for me which I always thanks for. I will continue to take her lessons as long as I can.
Kapil Panchal
Analita is one of those teachers who deeply care about their students. She does not get frustrated even if the students make mistakes and guides gently in the right direction. I received good marks in IELTS (Listening-9, Reading-9, Writing-8, Speaking-7, Overall-8.5), which was simply not possible without her help. During initial sessions, she evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and then helped me work around my weaknesses one by one. Even after our sessions were over, she wanted me to be in best position before the test and helped me become more confident about my speaking by offering an additional session. I definitely recommend her for IELTS preparation.
Farah Rima
Hello everyone, I’m Farah Rima from Lebanon 🇱🇧. I would like to share my review with all of you. Tutor Analita is a very experienced and patient teacher. She has a vastly knowledge of English language. English lessons with her are very effective and fun. I can’t thank her enough for the help she has given to me, with her help my English is improving very well. I definitely recommend her as an English tutor.
sunny panchal
I have undergone with my professor and she made me know what exactly the meaning of language, we speak in our daily life. I am very much Thankful to My respected Ma'am , Analita Mulligan who taught me before i started perusing my Masters Program in Engineering and Management , I was on ESL Program and saw multiple prof changing in frequent era but the day when i started pursuing my classes under Analita Ma'am , I must say she is a sea of English language knowledge and Training skills. I am very Grateful to you ma'am to enlarge my thinking possibilities, working on my Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening Skills which plays an essential role like TOEFL OR IELTS , and helped me a lot in my Masters Program and achieving good Scores and no issues in doing assignments and writing discussions on board and making theoretical notes. Once again I am very much satisfied with the Teaching of Analita Mulligan and consider her actions towards the students which tends towards success of every students no matter if student is weak in studies or intelligent, I always got a chance to learn everyday something new which makes my class more interesting for me. Thanks Analita Mulligan ma'am for all your support
ritu dave
Analita Mulligan is a brilliant and experienced professor with great knowledge. Her teaching ability is very effective and it helps me to understand the course easily. Throughout the course, her lessons were effective, engaging and very friendly to me and other students, too. I would definitely be recommended to anyone looking to improve their English writing skills.
Ryan Lu
I am from China and moving to US for family reasons. I have learned English for many years and I want to further improve my skills to reach the level close to native speakers. Plus I need to get a good IELTS score in a month time for the application of a master degree in US university. Analita is a teacher very caring about students and in the meantime has extensive teaching skills. I found my lessons are tailor-made based on my background so that those can improve my English in an efficient way. I felt luck to find Analita to be my English teacher.
Ishita Panwar
I worked with Ms.Mulligan for English help, and in preparation for college writing. She is very skilled and patient in what she does. I would send her many drafts for just a single essay and she would review it to her best ability even the slightest changes - she would note and correct. She’s made my writing style more complex and advanced in comparison to what it used to be. She would always make herself available to me for any question or guidance I needed, at any hour - which I appreciated most. She is truly one of the teachers that cares about her students scuess above all else. She aims to make her students look good and wants to see them excel. I am truly so greatful to her not only for the writing I’ve been able to produce under her guidance, but also for the bond we have created. I know she will always be there for me if I may ever need anything. I would most definitely recommend her to all students aiming to perfect their writing for any case, she will know exactly how to guide you in producing your best work. She is by far the best English teacher I’ve had because she has been able to give me the individualized attention I needed. Her services are very affordable and convenient as well!
Jan Bursy
I’m from Germany and worked for my employer in the US for several months. As part of this job, an English training was also offered. The live lessons took place via Skype, which worked very well for me. Analita is a very patient and very interested teacher. She has always questioned my requirements and necessary topics from my professional and everyday life in order to tailor the lessons to them. The lessons with Analita helped me a lot to get more confidence in my daily language use and to be able to react better in everyday situations. Many thanks!
miray savluk
I am taking English classes with Analita. I have been taking her classes for about 2 months now, and I can confidently say that I have improved a vast amount. She is a great teacher, who is patient and takes time in assuring that I understand. She definitely pushes you, and though it is challenging in the long run I am happy that she did. She knows what she is talking about and overall it is clear that she is very experienced. And is a strong teacher in general.
Takai Shueh
Though I have learned English for 17 years in Taiwan, I was still a terrible English writer who usually made a lot of grammar/spelling mistakes. But thanks to Analita, I am gradually overcoming these problem recently. In the past two months, she not only provided me very helpful exercises which aided me to practice the grammar but also meticulously corrected my English papers or articles. She is always nice and patient. I can feel I've improved my writing a lot.
soeren rasmussen
Since October 2018, I have had English (American) lessons twice a week with Analita Mulligan as teacher. Analita is a true professional and very serious about her job. I experience her as highly qualified and extremely skilled in teaching both conversational and written English using comprehensive topics for conversation and written essays. I have homework to do every week, and it is always interesting and useful. We are going through the corrections of my homework during class which is very educational. I truly learn a lot. But what makes Analita exceptional, special, and different from other teachers I had in the past is the way she teaches. During the lessons, she finds out exactly what I need and adjust the teaching accordingly. She is good at reading me as a student and uses that knowledge to optimize my learning. She asks what’s relevant for me and provides it. For example, discussing American news and cultural matters with her has helped me be a more interesting conversational partner in my social life. We have made a new resume suited for the American job market and rehearsed job interviews. When Analita is correcting my homework in class and explaining how to do it right, her approach is always positive, highlighting the things I have done right. But at the same time, she is making sure I understand what I have done wrong. The teaching style is very motivating for me and I look forward to my English classes. I highly recommend Analita Mulligan as English teacher. Nethe Groennegaard