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Reading Classes

Do the words from a newspaper, a magazine, or a book seem like one jumbled mess that you usually have difficulty making sense of? You say to yourself that you’re going to finish reading a piece of work that you’ve started, but it just takes too much time and energy to concentrate, so you quit?

Don’t worry - our reading classes aim to improve your comprehension. Furthermore, you will learn how to engage in the literature with us. See yourself developing exponentially. Start putting all of the necessary pieces together, creating for yourself a comprehensive picture through an amalgamation of words. The primary skills that we help you incorporate are inferencing, summarizing, sequencing, self-questioning, synthesizing, problem-solving, and creation through critical thinking. After reading any kind of literature, you will gain the ability to discuss and write about it in cogent and insightful ways. Educational research shows a close, concrete link between reading well and the actual development of other in-demand skills like writing (

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