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Our EFL/ESL Classes

These classes are planned especially for you, our non-native English speakers. Whether English is your second, third, or fourth language, if you’re looking to develop your skills, these classes aim to help you attain your desired level. We cover all four competencies: speaking and listening, which are relational, and reading and writing, which are interconnected. We engage in many hot topics that you’re sure to find stimulating and relevant to our contemporary society. They also simultaneously elicit fluency. These topics encompass culture, social norms and mores, native jokes, and the particular types of language and behavior that govern these social contexts — all that you will need to know in order to survive and succeed in today’s world. Upper-level students are also exposed to idiomatic expressions, the cultural phrases that native speakers use, and those that aren’t easily found in a dictionary, often leaving you confused. Because these types of discussions will elicit the language practiced in our classes, you will soon develop the speaking ability and level of fluency needed to become more competitive in today’s job market. We typically accept students from age 10 through adulthood.

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